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Bigger Is Better - What Having A Bigger Penis Means For You

Evolution designed men to be the predator in this romance game men and women play. It takes an enormous amount of confidence for a man to approach the woman he desires sexually. Women are irresistibly drawn to a man who is wholly confident and assured in his own presence. A bigger penis delivers the confidence all men need.

Contrary to the popular saying, “Size does not matter”, studies show time and time again that penis size is a huge contributing factor to the men women choose to take to bed. Penis size also plays a large role in the types and frequency of orgasms women experience while with these men. Men with bigger penises have significantly higher chances of having sex with more women. It is also proven that women are more likely to continue having sex with men with larger penis sizes.


These same studies have found that women experience frequent vaginal orgasms (which is climax aroused through vaginal penetration rather than through clitoral stimulation) with men with larger penis sizes. These types of orgasms are stronger than clitoral orgasms, making for the infamous multiple orgasm experience. Extra Genix will help you get the big, throbbing penis that will give women the most explosive, juiciest, multifold orgasms most of them have only ever dreamed of. Using Extra Genix will not just guarantee sexual satisfaction for your partner. You will feel more than you ever have before.

Having a larger penis means having a larger penis surface area for your increased pleasure and sensation. Extra Genix is scientifically proven to make you have more intense orgasms as well as ejaculate more. If that is not enough to convince you to try this life-altering product, imagine the mind-blowing experience you will have watching women moan, beg and scream during their orgasms as they struggle to receive your new, improved MASSIVE penis. Although sperm count does not bar you from having sex, sex seems less exciting without a huge ejaculation. Think of shooting off as the fireworks that culminate the main event. Copious amounts of ejaculation is what makes sex ‘juicy’. Extra Genix will give you a wet, juicy climax each and every time.

Size Does


of woman prefer an average looking man with a large penis over a hot looking man with a small penis.


of woman think both penis size and girth are important.

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Extra Genix is a clinically verified supplement which enhances penis size by 35% and sperm count by 40%. Our qualified scientists sought the best natural ingredients to enhance length, thickness, hardness, sexual satisfaction and the ability of the penis to get and stay erect.


This ingredient promotes the production of nitric oxide which increases blood flow to the penile region. This increased circulation makes for a firmer and larger penis. Using Extra Genix boosts L-Arginine levels, making for more nitric oxide and a larger penis.


This aphrodisiac and mood enhancer promotes testosterone production. Among its other benefits, testosterone encourages a healthy libido, increased quality and quantity of sperm production and better sexual function in men.

Tongkat ali

It is a potent natural aphrodisiac and just like TribulusTerrestris promotes increased and sustained libido, improved sexual endurance and male enhancement by aiding the production of free testosterone in the body.

Macca root

This plant is used to restore male libido by promoting healthy testosterone production which increases energy, stamina and vitality. It contains special nutrients called macaenes and macamides that support a healthy sex drive.

muira puama

Thia Brazilian Amazon plant promotes increased libido, supports healthy erections, supports male fertility and increases stamina. It achieves all of this by aiding vasodilation and testosterone production.

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